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Dr Mahesh Patil began his Orthopaedic career at the Pune from where he passed his MS (Orthopaedics) and was awarded the University Gold Medal at the Examination.

He then went to the UK for further training in Orthopaedics, and has spent 15 years in learning newer, better techniques in Trauma and Hip and Knee replacement, including the use of Computer Assisted Navigation, Hip Resurfacing and "High Flexion" Knee Replacement.

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An Orthopaedist is a surgeon/physician,who is specialized in curing problems related to skeletal structure of the body. Orthopaedist is an expert in diagnosing problems related to bones and joints. An orthopaedic surgeon can trace out the cause of your back pain and take care of you with the right kind of treatment.An Orthopaedic surgeon treats injuries related to spine and skeletal structure by both surgical and non-surgical methods. An orthopaedist discusses the complete medical history of person to know the exact situation of the orthopaedic difficulties. Even x-rays and other tests reports are examined by orthopaedist to know the root cause of the problem. Firstly, a good orthopaedist will try to relax your mind and gives you a treatment to manage your pain. Aftersome serious observation on the improvements and conditions of the patient, orthopaedist also tests report and recommends a course to follow.

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  • V.P. Tripathi

    Dr. Patil’s presence made us completely comfortable & after thorough examination & various tests, the operation was performed at Pune.

  • Indu Singh (Age: 65 years)

    I have been postponing the surgery but one day one of our friend suggested to meet Dr.Mahesh Patil..The moment I knocked at his door, a pleasant voice called "Induji...please come in".

  • Kanchan Nayak (Age: 68 years)

    Since 1996, I've been suffering from Arthritis with increasing pain in both Knee-Joints. I was a very active working woman, but one fine morning in the winter of 2011, my knees were almost locked up...

  • Suresh Viswanathan (Age: 53 years)

    I was suffering from severe knee degeneration for the last few years and have been consulting various orthopaedic specialists. Even my movements inside the office, going out for official meetings...




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